My shiny and NEW blog, COME ABOARD we've been expecting you

Apr 8, 2013

WHEWWWWW ! Alas my new web site AND new blog are alive and kicking. Can I just share that I have wanted a new web site for about 130 years now. O.K maybe closer to 4 years, but to FINALLY have it up and running is a HUGE deal for me. For years I would go in and pick my favorite photos and have 2,000 images ( I wish I was joking or exaggerating ).  Reigning it in something that is not one of my strengths, I am now and forever the queen of Overkill. Alas the journey has come to a head with my new cool web site and sexy new blog. One billion thanks to Ms. Stephanie J from Honey Paperie for her unique graphic design skills and Ted Angel for pulling the whole dream together. Life is indeed GOOD !
That all being said, here is my FIRST blog post on my new BLOG ! Fitting as this couple is so special to me. Sarah and Chris made me feel so special when they called me first to see if I was open before setting their date. I photographed Sarah’s Mom’s wedding when I first went into business, and now I get to capture Sarah and Chris’s big day this fall.
We had a delightful time shooting their engagement session in Loomis starting at their HighSchool where they first met. This darling couple was just so easy breezy and effortless.
Thanks for checking out my new site and my new blog : ). I appreciate so many things in life and this is one of them !
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