Lets rein supreme eating tangerines, I will be the keen photo queen, in 2013 ( and yes, I DID google words that rhyme with 13 to come up with that ). Just a bit of silliness to end the year 2012. Man alive do I feel blessed and filled with love as I write this […]

This was my last wedding of the year and by golly was it a beauty ! Jillian and Ilyan were so stylish, full of life and deeply in love. A blind man could see how much they adored each other and how happy they were to have found each other. Well I was sure elated […]

I have LITERALLY been waiting to blog about this couple for YEARS ! REALLY ! I will try not get too mushy here, but I need you to know my LOVE for this couple runs DEEP. My first memory of them was …love in an elevator. I was heading up in the Citizen Hotel elevator,when […]