The promise of receiving cake

Nov 2, 2012

Now if you get that title you are a true retro gamer ! The promise of receiving cake is a super retro game referance and was the theme of Stephanie and Jerred’s cake. Man alive did they have some cute details at their Monte Verde Inn wedding. I LOVED this couple ! So fun and vibrant, creative and original and in love ! I remember when they met with me oh so long ago they told me they could not imagine another photographer shooting their wedding. Yes, folks by all means flatter away. Since I have the taste of 12 year old girl ( and sometimes a 14 year old boy ) I was in heaven with their retro gamer theme and unique details. This couple just exuded such genuine love, orginality and zest for life. The Monte Verde Inn really delivered giving them their perfect day. Those folks sure do a great job !
Please enjoy a taste of the fun :

Truly the most creative invitations I have ever seen. My super cute boyfriend Brad Haynes, who is an avid retro gamer, was goo-goo ga ga over these invitations and demanded he received one for his collection.

Stephanie is a budding model so she was just the ideal subject !
I am so smitten by this photo.

Did I mention how fun this couple was ?

Awesome shot from my second shooter Sarah Beth, great job !
Deeply in love with this photo, we are making plans for a life together as we speak.

O.K you got to the end of my overly long blog post, now enjoy your cake !



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