Look, if you had one shot, one oppourtunity to seize everything you ever wanted

Oct 13, 2012

Please don’t make me sing the rest of the lyrics ! I am without words to describe how exciting it was to photograph this years FASHION NIGHT OUT produced my our very own Mary Gonsalves Kinney and sponsored by Sacramento Magazine. This event benefited UC Davis Childrens Hospital and was held at the Pavillions, Libby Siino did a great job running the show. When the models of all types began to show their wares, it was just a moment of sheer magic and excitement. My heart was filled with gratitude and joy. I LOVE everything Sacramento, all of its amazing locations, people and happenings.. As usual no one really wants to hear me babble, get with the photos lady !
To start we scored a ‘ Big Picture ‘ in Sacramento Magazine. Oh how I love getting that BIG PICTURE !

But wait don’t order yet, LOADS more photos : )
So Bradly Cooper right ?



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