Peachy Keeny !

Nov 12, 2011

You’d be hard pressed to find a cuter couple than Joaquin ( nickname Keeny which is a shorter version of his first nickname Joaquiny bikini ) and Heather. Such a classy, kind, warm, cute and down to earth couple. I truly LOVE them ! I LOVE how they were so comfortable with each other during our fun session at ST. Rose, the school where Joaquin works. Together they often venture out in the world to help others. These two are dear to my heart as we would run into each other through the years and each time they would introduce themselves and tell me when it was time I would be their wedding photographer. Cute right ! Also Joaquin is one of my 37 blog readers so here you go Keeny, its all you !
I LOVE this image, heather….she’s so hot right now.
I LOVE her ring, go heather.



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