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Oct 23, 2011

SUCH CUTE DETAILS ! Amie and Johnny had such great style for their wedding at The Citizen Hotel. They had such great everything really, I LOVED their cute happy bridal party, SWEET CAKE and FUN reception. In addition to being incredibly beautiful, our Amie is also brainy, she just got her doctorate ! And Johnny was also deep and soulful as well as super cute and a great subject. Just a slam dunk all the way. I especially loved working with Tom Fretwell, he has such a unique way of making a party fun. And he lighting kicked butt. Man alive could I go on and on and on about how cool this couple was and how much I simply adored their wedding but as usual, me thinks you would love it if I shut up and showed you the $$$ ( aka photos )
Johnny was such a good subject right ? Move over Megan Fox !
Don’t you just love her colors and bridesmaid dresses ? So cute !
Deeply in love with this SWEET cake by…wait for it….SWEET CAKES BY REBECCA. We are all a tiny bit obsessed with Rebecca and her artistic cake making abilities.
Such cute details !
I thought it was SO funny when I was having this groomsman do a photo with one of their lollipops and I heard someone say ‘ I think the photographer likes him’. He was adorable that is for sure.
I heart this photo !
The Big Bang did an exceptional job on her flowers.
LOVE LOVE LOVE the yellow up-lighting ! Great job Tom Fretwell !
DEEPLY in love with this photo !
Mama likes !



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