Great wife GREAT LIFE !

Sep 27, 2011

Yes we WERE a bit too goo goo ga ga for Karessa, but in our defense she was just the most amazing bride. She and Tyler had the most splendid day with friends and family celebrating their union. I was lucky to have my best-ie RACHELLE there with me and they were lucky to have such a great Dj, Bryan Greenwalt from Music and More and incredible Florist, Beautiful by Nature at their Le Rivage wedding ( like how I got that in in one run on sentence ). I can give this couple no higher praise, just perfect in every way. As usual I suspect one is not looking at my blog to hear me ramble on with little regard for any correct grammar , but to view some yummie and amazing photos. So….. I love all of the chaos in this shot.
Karessa was one of the most organized brides on earth ! Over kill on the brides photos ? YES : )
Super Rachelle shot !
And this is why photographers LOVE up lighting !



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