Yes we WERE a bit too goo goo ga ga for Karessa, but in our defense she was just the most amazing bride. She and Tyler had the most splendid day with friends and family celebrating their union. I was lucky to have my best-ie RACHELLE there with me and they were lucky to have […]

ARG ! The fall is such a crazy time for the wedding photographer. I have meant to blog for my faithful 37 readers ( that is my joke, it is more like 12 people ) but iI am one busy bee. So I am just slapping up a link of being blogged…. does that count […]

Unbearable cuteness mixed with sugar… now that is my kind of engagement session : ) Rachel and Chris used to love to ditch class and go get a slice of cake at Freeport Bakery or Ice cream at Vics. So that was our theme. Such a delish session with such a delish couple. Loved these […]