Just when I thought the wedding could not get ANY better….

Aug 7, 2011

The groomsmen all danced to ‘ Tonto, jump on it ‘ by Apache. Anyone knows me this, is a part of my vocabulary oft telling friends ‘ tonto jump on it’. Come on ! All though out Becky and Adams’ s wedding I thought to myself ‘ this wedding is awesome ‘. Held in their parents yard, we watched the sunset in Napa while enjoying the true love union of this spectacular couple. Becky’s maid of honor, Monica Lynn of In full bloom by MLK did an awesome job with her flowers and Kinyon Culinary Services fed us well with a delicious meal that included a whole clove of roasted garlic ! Gotta love those Napa weddings.
Just to name a few things I LOVED about Becky and Adam:
I LOVED how they booked me on the spot, let me do my ‘ thing’ and wanted to focus on the moments vs loads of portraits. Their chiseled ( Adam ) and Smokin’ hot ( Becky ) good looks factored in, and one of my best friends Thais ( aka Thai-bo, she is one of the best photographers in town ) shot the wedding with me. So I it was like the super lotto of wedding photos. One of my favorite moments ( other than a bunch of guys dancing to one of my favorite old disco tunes ) was a part of their toast where their friend said ‘ Friends are like white tigers, if you have a couple of really good ones you are happy ‘ True ! I will always be thankful for being a part of this magical day !
One of my favorites !
We were so goo goo ga ga for Rebecca, what a beauty and she could strike a pose like nobodies business.
Adam, to know him is to love him.
LOVE this shot from Thais ( aka Thai-bo )
This is the white tiger guy : )




  1. David Reed

    August 13th, 2011 at 1:15 pm

    Just about as perfect as can be. Beautiful work and couple.

  2. ricky

    January 19th, 2015 at 7:30 am

    Would you be able to get me the name of this location, or the owner of the venue? This place looks amazing!

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