Honey combs big…yeah yeah yeah

Oct 15, 2010

Its not small…the BIG PICTURE in Sacramento Magazine that is. That is ONE of the reasons I LOVE shooting the BIG PICTURE for the pages of Sacramento Magazine, the other is that it is usually such a fun and exciting assignment. Also I LOVE shooting the back page as I want the magazine to end with a BANG !!
This was Sacramento’s lil miniture version of American Idol held at Pearl on the River. This gal won !
Sacramento’s own Mumbo Gumbo performing in the park. Sort of a cool hippy vibe in the air. A good time was had by all.

Miss Iris owns the coolest art gallery in Del Paso Heights, what a joy to photograph this woman:
Our very own ‘Green Grocer’ Michael Marks brought about 150 shirts with food on them to my studio. Great dynamic subject he was :

Here are a few more Images I LOVED from these shoots:
The man had some shirts…thats all I am saying…
The ‘winner in announced’ moment. Very exciting !



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