She blinded him with science

Aug 29, 2010

Come on…how often is an 80’s song title going to be applicable for a blog title ? In this case, BINGO. Morgan IS a scientist, a marine biologist getting her DOCTORATE in the subject as a matter of fact. But wait…don’t order yet because TODD IS ALSO the super smart science guy. This coule had Giant brains AND good looks, AND were fun and gracious and kind….YES ! The whole package folks !
Bonus : Catrina Maria Designs was their coordinator, she is just a gem, so talented and great to work with, a true professional. My BELOVED Matt from Extreme Pro D.j’s did took care of the entertainment. Matt is one of the best in the area, if you can get him to D.j your wedding, DO IT !
They were married at St. Francis Church and had their very elegant party in their Grandmothers STUNNING river front backyard. The talented and so very helpful Dustin Whitehead did the wedding with me. Thanks Dustin, you are one of the coolest people.
And we had Miss Tiffany ( who is just about the cutest most perky person in the world ) getting even MORE great images.
I promised Morgan that I would make her look like a super model….mission accomplished !

How priceless are the expressions on Mother and Daughters face ?
/a> Todd is doing his ‘ precious moments’ pose as that was his nickname in college. He DOES bear a striking resemblance.
The rare yawning and beaming in the same photo.
We loved how silly and play these two were, just an amazing match !
Talk about a view !
Cute shot by Dustin W ! Well…..ALMOST everyone had a great time ( funny, I love his teen angst )

FUN FACT : I realllllllllllly wanted to use the song ‘she blinded me with science’ for the SLIDESHOW, but it did not go with the photos. When will I ever get the change to use that song again ?



  1. Matt Brys

    September 1st, 2010 at 4:17 pm

    Bethy!!!! YOU ALWAYS outdo yourself! Awesome pics and ALWAYS a pleasure to work with ya!!!!

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