Come on…how often is an 80’s song title going to be applicable for a blog title ? In this case, BINGO. Morgan IS a scientist, a marine biologist getting her DOCTORATE in the subject as a matter of fact. But wait…don’t order yet because TODD IS ALSO the super smart science guy. This coule had […]

Just to be around these two, you truly FEEL THE LOVE. I absolutely adore these two ! Their wedding was FABULOUS. Yes, it was hot as could be, but we barley even noticed as the photo love was flowing and we had so much FUN. While I was taking the getting ready photos, I realized […]

Liz Berkley ( a.ka Liz Biz-zerk-ley as Shannon and I nickname her ) is not ONLY smart and pretty, she is ALSO a talented opera singer and quite possibly one of the nicest people on earth. Her now husband Joe, also super nice, is also a talented musician, so how perfect is that. He really […]