Glamping ( glamours camping )

Jun 12, 2010

Sure, you did feel like you were going to meet your demise whilst traveling down the narrow twisty turney steep gravel and dirt road to Cirada Retreat, but once you got to the end it was as though you arrived in paradise. A lush riverside area that you just wanted to stay at for a week. The sights, smells and sounds instantly made you remember why you loved nature. Tage and Josh were the perfect couple and this retreat was the PERFECT venue for their big day.
Tage works for ALL SEASONS ALL REASONS so Josh, their main man head cook went a bit crazy with the menu. No joke, this was the best wedding meal known to man kind. I am still thinking about it as I write this post….YUMMMMMM !
Immediately on arriving one felt the ‘Tage and Josh’ love, their friends were so very attentive and focused on making this a special and memorial day. Everyone was ‘GLAMPING’ ( glamours camping ) for the weekend. So there was this amazing hippie celebration vibe in the air. One of my favorite florists in the world, Katie from Ambience did her usual beautiful job on the flowers.
I LOVED LOVED LOVED this wedding and LOVED LOVED LOVED this couple, both were people you want to know and be friends with forever. Sure I got 2 huge mosquito bites on my face that looked like mammoth zits…but I ALSO got these :
just say nolove letterno means nopick hit This was one of my favorite photos, mama likes.
be all that you can bejust in casebeans don't burn in the kitchenout tage ous I LOVE this photo of Tage, of course she had many nicknames…’OUT-TAGE-OUS being only one of them.
yes yes yes GREEN LUSH landscapes with a river running behind us ? HEAVEN !
editing room floorwhammy lovehere is your signmrs moorescoreopgreen budif these walls could talksnuggle sessionget a move onhydration stationpearlsroasted a moment of joyback litendless love fist pumpmix and matchsecret messagegood timesdance your @#$ offalmost thereanti-oxidantskatie coolthis is one big blog postsoul patchwhewwwwa big fan of sun flare



  1. Taylor

    June 14th, 2010 at 1:44 am

    Awesome work! I love the ones of them in the van! So Josh and Tage.

  2. Dynamite Weddings

    June 14th, 2010 at 1:31 pm


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