You better you better you bet

Apr 28, 2010

Nicole and I have been in contact for MANY years, she told me oh so many years ago that she wanted me to shoot her wedding, we just needed to find our Mr. right to make this come to fruition : )
Tadaaaa, enter Todd. I could have asked for any better match for my beloved Nicole. They were sooooooo much fun, dripping with warm and fuzzy yummie love ! I dug Todd’s cool tat’s and Nicole is such a beauty. These to cool kids are getting married this June at McClellan’s General’s Garden ( I love this spot )
We created magic people and I have the proof :
rolo tony brown towntrue datdevoi heart shawn paulbunnies and kittens I told them I had to add a few ‘bunnies and kittens’ shots in the mix 🙂
i don't like to talk about my flairladies maninvented the piano nect tietammy fayedivawhat am i a clown to you ?delish dish How scrumptious are they ? You want to spread them on a cracker right ?
paris in the falleveryone love everyoneyou better you better you bet finn plus one



  1. Dynamite Weddings

    April 28th, 2010 at 6:35 pm

    Love the Word Wall next to Monkey Bar! It’s sad that someone came and spray painted the beautiful words…=(

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