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Apr 19, 2010

Question : Beth, what was your FAVORITE part of Anthony and Jessica’s wedding ?
Answer: The look on Anthony’s face when ever he looked at Jessica.
Question: What else moved you ?
Answer: The way their friends and family adored them and went out of their way to show them love on their special day.
Omg the LOVE between these two was magically delicious. What a great wedding to kick off 2010. I was so thankful they choose me to capture their big day in Oakdale, CA.
This SUPER CUTE couple had the perfect day.
If the rest of my 2010 weddings go this well I will be one happy camper, I want to share 302 of their photos with you…but narrowed it down to more like 32 :
calafragalistic expeladouiousfarm living is the life for memambobo boby george she's got itbut wait, don't order yeti love you Um….LOVE !
taxi drivergreat view Great view from Jessica’s parents house backyard, yummie !
ringa ding dingyes please I Jessica and her girls were so fun, gotta love the big green open spaces in oakdale.
just a stone hock away Anthony Stonehocker was such a great groom, so organized and ready. He made my day. Loved him to bits ! He was a groomsman from a past wedding, referals rule : )
bend at the kneesnote said joy Please note the groom-man love and joy
we had joy we had fun check it
wish you were here FUN FUN FUN bridal party !
for the birds hug it out
clap on
Brotherly love I was also touched by the brotherly love coming from Anthony’s big brother, one of the another ‘favorite’ parts of the day.
see spot rundancin' dancin' dancin'really wish something was in focusum yeshello mr sunaction jackson



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