Jump mayor Jump

Mar 21, 2010

Always one of my FAVORITE assignments, I got to shoot the BIG PICTURE for Sacramento Magazine. I always feel like i get the BEST assignments ( lucky ! )
The event was the Guinness Book of World Records to the most people jumping rope at one time. It was a timed event, so once the clock started rolling it was a mad dash for me to get the perfect photo. I DID get hit by many a jump rope.
My favorite part was when I yelled at our very own Mayor Kevin Johnson to go out and jump with the kids, he sort of looked at me like ‘ um, tell me you are not yelling at me’…um yes I WAS.
Anywho, super fun event, here is the photo the magazine ran :
stalk talk
FUN FACT : SSSSShhhh don’t tell anyone, but I have a tiny crush on Mayor Johnson, I have photographed him many times and he is just so charming : )



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