La Isla Bonita

Jan 22, 2010

Maria and Issie… just pure goodness, light and love. Maria is my dear friends Shannon and Jim from Flourish niece. Jim’s family is from El Salvador so the day was rich with cultural tradtions. They had a church ceremony and then everyone headed off to La Provence for a delish dinner under the olive tress. What a stunning view we had of the sunset. It was magical. Maria and Issie were just so very gracious and kind. Such a warm and loving couple, I absolutely ADORED them.
My treasured Shannon ( A.ka, Nonnie butter, Non-ista, Winona Ryder, Shanna banana ) shot the wedding with me as well as did all the flowers. Shannon, owner of FLOURISH is one of the coolest people you will ever meet. I could go on and on about her attributes, but I bet you just want to see the photos right :
bulls eyelife is a mysterybuenojust like a prayer
single tear
Such a precious moment with the bride and her Grandmother.
the holy grailthese magic moments
A magic moment, Issie alone praying, just priceless.
madrethe power of Christ compels you
yes yes yes
Of course these are ALWAYS my FAVORITE moments.
Body of Christ
yummie huggie spring time loveyes please
O.K….YUM ! YES please I would like a slice of that !
This image was taken by none other that Shannon from Flourish, it is one of my favorite images from the day.
last chance for love
scrunchie  nose smile
the perfect ending to a perfect day
Fun Fact : I photographed Shannon’s aunt wedding in the 19….well a LONG time ago, My rate was $375 back in those days : ) Who would have thought we would be come friends so many years later.



  1. Shannon

    January 22nd, 2010 at 5:17 pm

    Awesome as usual! The love affair continues… The picture of the kids is so fab! They were so hopped up on sugar at this point- cake, soda and smore’s- the holy trinity. I love me some Bethie B.!

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