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Sep 24, 2009

There are moments in my life when I step back and think ‘ I AM ONE LUCKY DUCK ‘. This has happened several times when shooting for Sacramento Magazine. Really a dream come true.
This is the third time I have shot miss Tina Macuha of CBS 13. Having grown up in Sacramento I feel like I have known her all my life. I love this lady ! I felt honored when she requested me to do this shoot. One can not imagine all the pain and stress she has been through, yet she was still her fun, warm, kind, giving and up-beat self. And…she did lay in a dirty field while wearing a white shirt ( that is the kind of gal she is ).
I LOVE the photo they picked. Just perfect !
the divine miss m
don't speak
Tina has SUCH a beautiful smile, it was so hard to do this shoot with a serious look.
And then Dave Bender from CBS 13 was a blast. How lucky were we to get these Giraffes to co-operate like this. Good times……Good times !
it won't offend her
no i won't make out with you



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