Stephanie and Jake's wedding….will you make out with me ?

Sep 9, 2009

I know…. again with the ‘it was the perfect wedding’ and ‘ I am madly in love with the bride and groom’…but ITS TRUE, ALL TRUE. I had such a bond with Stephanie and Jake. Super cute, fun, easy to get along with, happy and in love !
Stephanie was all about the photos and planned her day so we could get some amazing shots. And it worked. She got married at St. Anthonys Church in Walnut Grove and had her reception at the Grand Island Mansion. Such a beautiful venue and the food is always so good ( the big bowl of chocolaut sauce does not hurt ).
My super cool and talented friend Rachelle shot this wedding with me, Rachelle ‘re co-co’…have I told you lately that I loved you?
What I LOVED most about this bride was her big laugh. Loads of stunning images from this special day:
stuck in the 80's
hugs not drugs
the apple did not fall to far from the tree
all good things
see what i mean
what the what
back in the day
we've only just begun
rod stewart
thanks rachelle
color me happy
gone with the wind
just say no
how am i funny ?
dance dance revolution
get back
smash mouth
ta daaaaa
Here is their SLIDESHOW
Fun fact : Stephanie is wearing her mom’s veil



  1. Stephanie Baldwin

    September 12th, 2009 at 6:53 pm

    Yay!!!We love you so much. Thank you for capturing the memories that will last forever. All we have now is your gift and thank god it was you taking those pictures! You are the best Beth!!! much love, The Baldwins

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