And their wedding was a BLAST. Elyse and Josh were filled with such exuberance to be marring each other at her parents home on such a lovely, yet windy day. I was so thrilled to be the person to capture their love with a camera. I loved how Elyse posted on her facebook page that […]

When I work with the lovely and talented Lora Ward from A Day to Remember, we call it ‘ A day of TRUE LOVE to remember’. Lora or ‘L.w’ and I go WAYYYYYYY back. Many times when working with her, I stop and notice all the MANY special touches she does for a wedding, She […]

VALERIE AND ALEX ( aka Valkerie and Alex ), they were like money and gum drops raining from the sky, and we are talking big bills and gourmet flavored gum drops people. Man alive were they a precious couple, so full of life and love….and ridiculously good looking . A fabulous love story, Valerie found […]