Who amongst you does not love a potluck ? Well this was a potluck of super cool chicks and sweets. My dear friend Shannon from Flourish and Sacramento’s top wedding blog Fancy Pants Weddings had a dream….a dream of a yummie couple with a stylized photo session with the theme from the movie ‘au chocolaut’. […]

LUCKY !! Sacramento was the proud hosts of super cool wedding photographers Zach and Jody Gray this past week. These two darling and TALENTED hot shots had so much to share. Carmen Salazar set up the whole gig which was held at my stu stu studio which I affectionately call ‘ Lucky Star Studios’. Everyone […]

SO MUCH LOVE AND LUCK IN THE HOUSE for my first wedding of 2011 ( YES, I DO have more 2010 weddings to blog, I am still milking them ). Gina and Rhett were so obviously made for each other, what an honor to capture their special day ! Just so many delicious ingredients for […]