am i really going to post photos of my cat…um sadly yes. she is our ‘orange slice of heaven’. circa, oh how we adore you. obsessed with you to be more accurate. the sun sets and rises on circa. we treasure her. she has attended the finest schools on ‘cuddling’ yet she has never mastered […]

leonie and rich…what more could you ask for in life ? super cute, fun and uber fit. they met swimming ( rich would not get into his speedo for some odd reason ) they love their house and their dog so that is where we started. good times…yeah…good times: leonie ( or tia leonie as […]

terri and dave, oh how i wanted to shoot their wedding when they interviewed me. come on ? how many people have the song ‘punk rock girl’ at their ceremony. i loved their flare for the funky. i was THRILLED to be the one chosen to capture this off beat crowd. so as we were […]

i for one think there should be WAY more tuesday weddings. this one had so very many good things about it : it was on a tues, it was 4 minutes from my house at crawfords barn , one of my very best friends rachelle from rachelle photography shot it with me and THE COUPLE […]

i felt instant love for jodie and mike. these two are the whole package. after having so much fun on their engagement photos i am so excited for their oct. wedding. very vendor jodie has LOVES her. what a delightful couple ! i know you want more more more more moreeeeee ! check out their […]

alex…come on. is there anyone cuter on earth. it was such an honor to do her senior pics. i have known her for 5 years and have watched her grow into such a beauty. i love this kid ! her session was so crazy good. we had a BLAST !

serially, melissa and chris were so ‘chill’ for their march wedding at arden hills. everything ran so smoothly due to their easy going nature. i just loved this wedding. the villa’s at arden hills is such a great location ! i want to post 45 photos from this wedding because i LOVE so many of […]


May 12, 2009

smokin’ hot marianne and ryan. they are the cutest couple, such style ! ! my friend shannon from FLOURISH is doing marinanne’s flowers for her sept. wedding. we both LOVE marianne and are super excited for her wedding. these two have ‘flava’ ! fine, don’t take my word for it…see for yourself: oh like you […]

oh my beloved stephanie and jake….i just adore them. what a fun amazing couple. we had a blast during their engagments. i was so excited to show them these photos, they turned out so great !!! their wedding is june 26th, so more to come from this stunning couple: see what i mean !! what […]

morgan and chip…pure CLASS ! their wedding was so perfect. i loved how they kept it simple. i so enjoyed working with these two ! they choose the old sugar mill ( man alive i LOVE this location ) so many gritty photo opts: morgan was such a stunning bride, she had such an elegance […]